100% Canadian Cloud Storage.

HostedBizz cloud infrastructure is based in tier 3 data centres in Canada. Our facilities offer physical and IT security, redundant power grids, multiple internet providers and backup power.

Flexible & On-Demand

Cloud Backup

HostedBizz back-up solutions automatically create a backup – including system state, applications, files and folders – to our cloud and fully restore your server within seconds. HostedBizz backup solutions are retrievable via your online portal. Stop worrying about data loss – start focusing on your business.

Disaster Recovery

You’ll be worry-free knowing you can protect your servers, retrieve and restore files instantly from the cloud in the event of an on-premise physical or virtual machine failure. HostedBizz’s bare metal backup solution supports Windows and Linux operating systems and ensures little to no downtime.

Cloud Servers

Support your business’s ever-changing needs with HostedBizz cloud servers. Our compute resources are fully scalable,
both up or down, so you can manage costs as business requirements change.

File Sync & Sharing

A hybrid file hosting service offering cloud storage, file synchronization and client software integration. Files stored on the Sync product are also accessible through a web portal.

Office 365 Backup

HostedBizz Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data. On-demand data access – anytime, anywhere.


HostedBizz offers Veeam as a fast, reliable solution for virtual, physical and cloud-based servers. The Veeam repository unites back-up and replication solutions in a single software with easy-to-use features and functionality.


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